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Lighting the way

with our companion

Happiness lies in time with your family and loved ones

we hope to be a beacon lightening the way


Leading company for overcoming cerebrovascular disease

MEDIIMG, a company specializing in hemodynamics and AI,

To overcome cerebrovascular diseases such as cerebral aneurysm

We are devoting ourselves to the development and research of technology.

물결 모양의 추상 배경


"Lighting the way with our companion"

We pursue revolutionary innovation in cerebrovascularhealth with new biomarker


We design a healthy future with our new biomarker for cerebrovascular network.
Mediimage aims to open a new era of prevention and diagnosis of cerebrovascular disease
with our new method to digitize information on cerebral arteries.

We will light the way with our companions.

Our History


01  VINT regulatory approved by MFDS


10   Certified for compliance to GMP of Medical Devices by KCL

09   Usability test cleared by Gachon Medical Device Convergence Center


11   R&D funds guaranteed by Korea Technology Finance Corporation(KIBO)

07   R&D Department accredited by MSIT


01   MEDIIMG was founded

MEDIIMG collaborates with various partners

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